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Nepal has a diverse weather and climate with four main seasons namely autumn (or fall), winter, spring, and summer (also monsoon). The climate in Nepal is almost moderate, but also offers a few muggy months with high humidity and high temperatures.

For several months of the year, it is warm to hot at temperatures continuously above 25 to 29 degrees Celsius. The warmest and rainiest part of the country is Central Region. The coldest is Eastern Region. The most rain days occur from May to September. Due to less rain, the best time for traveling is from October to March.

Nepal diverse climate can be described with four seasons.

Monsoon: The wet days of summer are Monsoon days. Most of the rainfalls in Nepal are due to Monsoon in Summer. The rest are dry days. Spring and Autumn are in between seasons. In general, the monsoon begins from mid-June and ends at beginning of September.

Summer: (May-August) is hottest season of Nepal. It is quite hot and humid during daytime with occasional rain showers, sometimes all through the day. About 80% of the rainfall occurs during this period throughout the country but the remainder of the year is dry.

Autumn:(September to November) begins with the end of Monsoon and ends with beginning of winter in November. It is also a festival season. You can enjoy lots of green and blue sky. Best season for outdoor activities like trekking, rafting, and wild life jungle safari.

Winter: Cold months are November till February. Winter days are also dry days with a few rains. The little rains in winter are due to Mediterranean activities. Hence the winter rainfall in western Nepal has more rain than those of eastern Nepal.winter brings cold weather at higher elevations but is a great time to visit Nepal for crystal clear skies.

Spring: (February till April): Spring begins with occasional shower and rains. The days are mild days with the new vegetation. The sky is not as blue as Autumn. It is a little hazy if no showers for a long period.Spring is a popular time to go trekking in Nepal, as temperatures climb steadily and the weather tends to be more stable.