Govt License No: 96875/069/070 Tourism License No: 1802

Bhutan | Tibet

Bhutan is a peaceful country with strong traditional values based on religion, respect for the royal family and care for the environment. Trip to Bhutan is considered an experience once in a lifetime.
Bhutan Tour includes traveling by vehicle through the Bhutanese countryside, with optional walks and day hikes to visit temples, monasteries and villages.
Bhutan tours also include visiting museum, handicraft shops and weekend market where you will be introduce to Bhutanese food and eating habit. All tours will introduce you to Bhutan and its unique traditional cultural.
Most importantly, all travelers traveling in Tibet are kindly requested to bear in mind that Tibet being extremely remote isolated by the most formidable Himalayas ranges, remains still one of the most captivating but least developed parts in the world.
With its very short history of tourism the facilities for tourists although being upgraded are still at basic and limited scale. So, the visitors are requested not have high expectation in terms of facilities in Tibet.
You can rather take this tour as an adventure from every point of view. However, we will always put all our efforts to make your journey as pleasant as possible.
We provide Tibet Tour Packages including fixed departure Tours, Join-in Small Group Travel, Overland Tours, Tibet Cultural and Lhasa City tours, Mount Kailash tours with Fully-supported. All Tibet Tours can be customized with Nepal, Bhutan and Beijing and can be extend as per your needs.